Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year

So, finally it's new year eve, a day that we had waited for the whole year. This year Chinese New Year is definitively one of the best cause we going to have a very very long holiday, I pray hard so that no one call me in the middle of the night to go to site, ah-men.

So, this year is slightly different, cause I'm going to bring my princess to have new year eve lunch and dinner at both our parents house. Hope she can behave herself, or else I will cut some of her angpao :p

This year is dragon year, and according to the history, dragon year always a global business recession year. I met one in year 2001 when I just graduate from university. I still remember I was so desperate until I apply almost any job available in the paper advertisement and jobstreet, even a technician job. And I believe me and my wife are very lucky cause finally we got a very good offer. Me in the air-cond line and she at the water line. I resigned last year (maybe due to the unpeaceful rabbit year) and she was promoted. So, as long as you willing to work, these is nothing to scare of.

Wish everyone a happy and prosperous water dragon year, huat arrrrrrrr~~~~~~~