Friday, June 08, 2007


I watch this movie on the flight to Melbourne. Very interesting movie. It's about a 13 years old genius pianist that hate to play piano because of pressure from everyone.

There is a scene that I like it most, when the girl ask her father's friend about her talent in playing piano, and he told her a story about centipede.

One day, an ant saw a centipede walking, he is surprise and ask the centipede, "How you do that, you got so many legs but they are all synchronized when you walk". The centipede start to think how he can do that, suddenly, he can't walk anymore.

If you are not born with talent, then you need to work hard to get it. But if you are genius, you better use it. Somehow, genius is lonely, no one know how he/she do it but it just can be done so easily.

I'm lonely :p