Saturday, June 02, 2007

Time management

Yesterday I plan my schedule like this:

09.00AM Go electrical sub-cond factory for FAT (I think I should call it checking, see my sub-cond do what I told or not, and also check whether they cut cost on my project or not.

10.00AM Go BES to "show face" (This is one of the stupid project, the operator don't know what they are doing, they don't communicate to each other and come to me all source of stupid complain, idiot!). Then backup a copy of SCADA and give to my control sub-cond for reference. Then walk through the P1 SCADA with control peoples.

12:00PM Go to P1, help the pretty lady engineer on her fire fighting project. Then discuss P1 project with my control sub-cond. Force him to buy me lunch XD

02:00PM Go to KLIA, configure the VFDs to do PID tunning. Then commission the on/off valves, testing interlocking, fix the temperature controller, run the system in Auto mode.

09:00PM Go home sleep.

This is what happen yesterday.

09:30AM Reach electrical sub-contractor factory.

11:00AM Finish checking, go back to office to pick up instrument.

11:30AM Drive towards to BES.

12:00PM Arrive to BES, waiting for control peoples.

01:00PM Backup SCADA and go for lunch.

01:30PM Discuss P1 SCADA at coffee shop.

02:30PM Finish discussion, drive towards to P1. KLIA project manager called, not able to enter plant due to no chargeman.

03:30PM Attend meeting.

04:30PM Discuss fire fighting with safety and the pretty lady engineer.

05:30PM Go back to P1 to prepare notes for sub-cond and supplier, discussion with colleagues on the stupid fire fighting (Nothing need to be done, but yet we need to submit tonne of stupid paper works to told them nothing need to be done).

09:00PM Go home.

The only successful schedule that I met is go home time.


Tomorrow I go Melbourne, hahaha no one can ask me to do stupid job anymore in these few days.