Monday, June 11, 2007

Genius – part 2

I have been work as an engineer for 6 years since my graduation. I use my knowledge (just to emphasis here, is knowledge not experience) in solving my dairy engineering tasks.

Most of the tasks, e.g. inverter configuration, flow meter setting, SCADA programming, etc, can be accomplished by reading the manual, that why Dilbert said only engineer read manual. Others tasks, e.g. motorized valve troubleshooting, install/dismantling instruments, etc, are just simple engineering daily tasks.

To some body else, it seem like a miracle or magic (black magic) “How he do that?”.

One day, I had been asked to write down everything and every step I need to do for the project, and suddenly I don’t even know how to use a test pen XD

Paper work is important, I never omit that. But over paper works will only become a burden to everyone and prevent the creativity in the engineering design. Yes, engineering is a mixture of art and science. I wonder how an artist creates their art works. Is there any method statement involve?

Not all engineers can write / explain the procedure, if an engineer can write he/she must be a technical writer not a project/design engineer. Engineer whose can write will not know how to do it; same for engineer whose know how to do it will not know how to write it.

Anyway, currently I start to think what angle I should use to unscrew a nut. Pity me :(