Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Summer talk

I found out that since last week, I got no "mood" to work. At first I thought it's personal problem, but lately I found that most of the engineering team members are having same problem. Summer is here.

Most of the member in engineering house was sick these few week. And once after recovered from sick, the "no working mood" virus is attacking. Everyone is hoping for a holiday and rest.

I don't know about others, but for me this is symptom of overloaded. It's like Microsoft Windows. Once the OS is overloaded, it become hang and need to be reset. Once it's restarted, it will become hang again if you try to run heavy program. What it actually needs is cooling, a shut down for few hour will actually solve the "hanging" problem.

If you are overload, don't force yourself to work, it will just make the situation worse. Stop and rest, cool down your mind and start back again once you are ready.

Good luck engineers, the war is just begin, it is still long way to go. Victory will with us but we need to keep ourself strong to hold until the end.