Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why am I still at office?

Today went to KLIA plant on afternoon to check on the electrical and control system. The system still not yet 100% ready, so after checking and discuss with sub-cond, it's 5.30PM.

So I can choose go home have a nice dinner or go back to P1 to continue my write up.

At the end, I go back to P1 to continue my stupid write up.

Maybe you will ask, why don't I go back home and do it at home? OT?

Yes, I can do it at home and I don't bother much on the OT also. But I still choose to do it at office.

I don't bring my job back to home since the first day I work. It's principle and also habit. I watch lot of movies, read lot of story and what I understand is that most of the family problems actually started from work.

Sometime, some work is not fun at all, it's boring and make your day down. Most of the time we are very kind to our friend but we are mean to our family. If you notice, sometime, same words from family member will make us angry but not if it is from our friend's mouth. Therefore, it will be family disaster if you are not able to control your temper while you work at home.

But I'm staying alone?

Yes, I'm staying alone in a big house XD. But it should not be an excuse to bring your work home, because sooner or later you will used to it, and it will become a habit even after you are married.

So, please remember finish your work at office, because that what an office is meant for. Enjoy you day with your family at home.

Home sweet home :)