Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Though of the day

While browsing about the WEP and WPA security information, I read an IT blog wrote by bwilds , title "Why Hackers Discuss WEP & WPA Cracking". Although the blog is slightly old, blogged on 29/12/2006, but the question itself is very interesting.

A question by a reader, darthlaidher, wrote

"... if stealing internet makes you a person with no morals what does hacking and showing people or giving people advice on how to do it make you? ..."

Basically, I see this as a process of evolution for technology. It's began when a designer has created a system, then a hacker has tried to test the weakness of the system and publish his/her finding to share the knowledge. Then the designer update (evolve) their system to improve on the security (fitness) and the process repeats. However, the update process takes time, and in between this period, whether these informations will be used by a person to update to a more secure system or it is used by someone to hack the weak system is very much depend on the ethic of the technical reader who received the informations. And for other non-technical readers, they are either choose to acknowledge the system weakness or ignore it.

The reply by one of the reader, OmegaVector, wrote that,

Free speech is not only to protect your right to say something but ALSO your right to HEAR something and CHOOSE what you hear. If you want to listen the fear that propagates because of ignorance about testing security systems, then by all means, stay in the dark and be ready to have your information stolen because you chose to ignore the warnings that were telling you of the possibility of weaknesses in your security system.

Yes, fear is what people don't want to know. We fear others critic on our mistakes and weakness, therefore we choose to ignore or stop that by all means. Learn how to put the head in the earth like what ostrich does XD

One day maybe not enough for a person to improve their weak point, but without stepping it out, its will takes infinite time.