Saturday, September 26, 2009

Taiwan: Day 1

As promise in my previous blog, I try to write down my travel story about Taiwan.

We reached Taipei airport about 4PM due to the delay of our beloved aviation, AirAsia. From the airport, we went to Taipei city by bus and we stop at the Taipei central station. From there, we went to Ximending (西门町) using LRT.

After checked in to the hotel, I found that my bag is wet -.-, the stupid AirAsia didn’t cover their customer’s luggage when they are loading it to the plane. Half of my luggage is wet. And I have to hang all my underwear around the hotel room -.-, stupid airline. The lesson here is, if you are using this stupid airline, please cover your clothes with a plastic bag before you put it into the luggage.

After settle the hotel, we went to walk around the Ximending street. A very nice place, full with youngster, especially those pretty mei mei #^.^#, very enjoyable walk. We have some snacks there, walking and eating, very relaxing night.

After filled up our tummy, we decided to go to the Taipei city and visit the famous book store ChengPin (成品). Once reached in front of the book store, we saw the Taipei 101 but without light -.- maybe they are having energy saving exercise. Well, good for our earth.

After taking some photos of the 101, I went to search for my sister souvenir, a book authored by 小S. I’m surprise my sister asked me to buy a book, basically that what she hate most. My doubt cleared after she open the book, I only realize, it’s a comic book -.-

We went back to the hotel before 12AM since that is the last LRT train we can use. While working back to hotel, we have some photo with my idol, Rainie Yang. Huan not sure is drunk or too sad, he tried to kiss her -.- and there is a CCTV monitoring these 6 sohais doing some stupid thing there :)

Well, that’s the end of day one @ Taiwan.