Saturday, November 06, 2010

Keigo Higashino - Clone

When I was young (sad beginning T.T), I'm science fiction and detective novel fan. I can read 3 Wisely series in a day. I think I have read about 80+ of Wisely series within 1-2 months. I stop after that cause I need to stop wasting too much time reading novel and concentrate back to my study. That's was one of the most craziest hobby I have.

After school day, I still once a while read some detective novel. I love Sherlock Holmes, but what make me really crazy about detective is Japanese novel and comic. Kimdaichi is one of the best detective comic I ever see.

I actually dare not touch too much of these novels nowadays, cause I afraid I will addicted to it. But it's still my hobby reading these novels.

I just finish the Clone authored by Keigo higashino. Maybe you don't know who is he, but I believe you may have watched some movies that based on his fiction. One of my favourite is Galileo - Suspect X.

Ok, back to about to the novel. Very interesting story line and very easy to understand. It maybe not as good as other, but I love the way the author wrote the story, so recommend for those that want to kill their time.

If I found the second me, what I will say to "myself"?