Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday eve

Tomorrow is a public holiday for the desert until Thursday, but my project only off for a day, which is tomorrow. I actually don't looking forward to this holiday, if can I would like to go site and try to complete as much job as I can. Anyway, since it is the desert law is forcing everyone to stop work tomorrow, so I have no choice but to stay at home.

Everyone are getting unbalance. All the sub-cond here is like a king, or rather say that we are actually their sub-cond and they are our client. They work depend on their own sweet time, you can't force them to work. No way. All our engineers work like Bangladesh. We have to prepare everything for our so called sub-cond to come to site and make sure they are happy only they will start working. Else, they just don't pick up your calls. They will get all the money and we get all the hard shit.

I wish my boss reading my blog now and I want to tell them please appreciate these workers, you wouldn't be that lucky to get these people to work for you again.

Today received an email from my client and he dig out stone age project and tell us that we are not providing the drawings. After reading the email, I suddenly no more mood to eat. We have been accuse by these monkeys just because they don't know how to read drawings and they forgot what I have given to them on the training session. Sometime I want to scream at those fuckers and ask them to go back to kindergarten to repeat their study. Bunch of morons.

Finally we concluded that all operators are monkey. We have make a hypothesis that operators are monkey and after 10 years we finally concluded that the hypothesis is truth.

Feel tired. Not because of work, I personally is never tired with engineering works, but when all the efforts are treated like shit, that make us tired, even to speak a word to defend.

I think I should start to let go, but I know if I let go I mean I'm quit. My principle is either do it with all the effort or don't do it at all.

Will think about it once I go back to Bolehland, I think maybe I will open a grill fish shop somewhere.