Monday, November 08, 2010

Time is relative

Einstein said time is relative, the feeling of time is different when you sitting side by side with a pretty girl as compare to meeting with a bunch of morons.
I'm flying again to the desert. I wish this is the last time I need to go there, but reality is cruel. This nightmare will end some days but not this time.
What is my feeling about time?
When I was a school boy (about 25 years ago T.T) I have very weird feeling about time. I feel like my time is repeating or you can call it deja vu. The scene that I saw is like repeating everyday. Sometime I thought I'm living in yesterday. Time seem slow for me that time. That is also the main reason that I phobia to factory kind of job. I feel like losing control of my time.
Now, I feel time is not enough. Too much thing I want to do but too less time. For me, time is like a crazy naked man running crazily, and I just shyly look at him pass by me.