Friday, November 19, 2010


Thursday evening, sien. Everyone in this house is a bit abnormal, I start to realise the feeling of staying in the jail.

Deadline is near, work still far to complete. Trying hard to push it, but no material at site. What the fuck I'm doing here. Need to change my strategy. I no fuck care and I'm going to finish it before 9th Dec even working 24 hours. That's my deadline.

Cook guilinggao to kill my time, no take dinner cause not hungry.

When I see the guilinggao, I think of my lovely wife, she just love it.

I was thinking one day maybe I will open a bar or something like a bar or bistro, old man bar. No noise music, I hate those stupid music that make people scream at each other. Simple interior, not too fancy, not too luxury, just simple until you can't notice it. Couple can just come in and sit at one corner to enjoy their meal and whispering at each other with lovely smile; colleagues come in enjoy a cup of beer, teasing each other stupidity and cursing the stupid boss; businessmen come in, try to convince each other that they are the best in town and end up with a cheers; family celebrate their birthday; students celebrate the end of exam. A place that full with joy. Hope my dream can come true someday.