Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm your chef again

Today I want to show you all how to cook a leftover chicken. Ya, leftover chicken. I'm a thrifty person, not stingy, ok?

Let us start with our main ingredient, the left over chick. This is the 1/2 chicken that I can't finished yesterday due to an annoying email. Remember to put the chicken in the fridge if you don't want to go toilet so frequent, but since now is winter; I think it shouldn't be a big problem if you don't do that.

Chop the chicken into small pieces. After that take garlic and cut/grind it into small pieces.

Warm up your pan, pour a little bit an oil on the pan and let it heat up first. Once you can feel the heat from the oil, pour all the garlic piece into the pan and fry it until golden colour.

Put in the chicken piece and fry it for a while. After that, put some sugar and soya sauce to make the chicken taste better. Cook about 10 minutes and the dish is ready.

 The leftover chicken might not taste as good as restaurant, but you can't get the same taste from the restaurant as well.