Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Ok, everyone today is Earth Hour day. So, we return 1 hour back to the earth mother tonight, and please forget the idiot that want to sue the organizer just because they lost money and can't give bonus to their staff.

So, how are you going to celebrate tonight?
First thing you can do is remember to off the light and also unnecessary power to save some energy power. Then, for those lover, you can have candle light dinner, that is definitely very romantic.

If you are around KL area, you may go to KLCC there to see our twin tower turn off their light.

There are several events around the town, you can visit the following URL to join their activities.

So, what will I doing?

I'm going to run the nice marathon organized by the Energizer at Cyberjaya today, start from 8.00PM until 11.00PM for 21km.

If you read this post, please pray for me so that I don't get fainted :p
and also help me pray for my partner, mr. potato, as well.

Good luck to us.