Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm a illegal driver

Today I go to post office to renew my driving license. I went to the big post office in Gombak. Once I reach there, I saw a huge notice that the JPJ is off-line. To bad, I need to go for other branch.

After that I went to Subang Jaya, another big post office. Once again I saw the big notice said that JPJ off-line. Ok, now I can't renew my license. I will drive my car illegally for three days until Tuesday. By then I hope the off-line issue had been solve by our "Malaysia Boleh" engineer.

This is industrial norm, I think. Last time I went to bank I saw off-line problem; post office as usual most of the time is off-line; government payment counter, off-line.

I wonder why it's happen? Is Malaysia lack of IT people? But I heard we have Cyberjaya and also MSC. Or Malaysia is full with lazy worker?

(Notes: Lazy people is not equal to idiot, somehow they can be consider as most intelligent creature on Earth)

I always use bypass road, not because I'm poor, but I just don't want to pay toll to those rich peoples. They are too rich to begging from me. The most famous bypass I used is the Hicom Glenmarie to bypass the Federal Highway toll to go to Klang to see my pretty lady :).

There are two traffic lights, distance less than 100m. Every time after the first traffic light, I need to wait about a minute in front of the second traffic light. I wonder these engineers know something about synchronizations? Do there ever lean about optimization problem? Or do they know the formula to relate the distance, time and speed?

However, this road is not the worst. I think the worst design of traffic light is at Central Market. They are suck!

We do not need to show to people how clever / intelligent we are, but please also don't let people laugh and curse on your stupidity.