Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Microsoft lunch Zune last month and what people said about it?

After reading these reviews I just can’t stop myself laugh at these genius who create a nice device but “functionless”, just like Xbox. They should learn more from iPod and Playstation.

But bear in mind Microsoft is very good in long term war. She can terminate anyone larger and dominance at this time slowly and softly.

Prove 1: I wonder where is Lotus 1.2.3?
Prove 2: Palm OS was once dominating the market of PDA, but I just saw Palm Treo 700w using Windows Mobile.
Prove 3: What C/C++ compiler you are using now? Borland C++ Builder no longer with us :(

The lesson today:

Don’t look down on your enemy; if you don’t move forward, you are going to lose your territory.

Although I hope iPod and Playstation can still able to laugh at Microsoft in future but I know sooner or later Zune and Xbox will dominate the consumer market.