Monday, December 04, 2006


I had submitted my very first draft of my thesis to my supervisor, after non sleep for few weeks (I wonder my supervisor will read it. Anyway there is still lot of works to do).

I’m not sure whether there are anyone enjoys reading thesis, but as a thesis writer, it’s a torturing process indeed. We create something that no one will read. For me I rather go to the book store and spent RM8 for a NuiYou that have 200++ pages of pretty girls and artists.

I can’t write / talk proficient not only in English, even Chinese, I have limited words in my mind. Once again I respect my company ISO consultant. This bugger can spent 3 hours just to explain my company objective which only contain not more than 30 words. Salute! Anyhow this guy earns money from talking and his “non-stop English words generator” builds inside his head.

He just repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat……. and repeat and all your money go into his pocket. Damn, I regret why I don’t learn my English seriously in school. Now what I have is only equations and formulas.

These skills wouldn’t make money and I have to work like hell. See, the law of work already explain that, time is money and knowledge is power; work = power x time. So the more knowledge you have the lesser money for you if the work is constant. That why we work like hell in order to maintain the salary when more experience and knowledge acquired from day to day. Only one day when we “format” our brain and become boss then money will come into our pocket :)

I’m happy today because since morning until evening no one calls to ask me to cancel my leave. Thanks God, finally I can really rest for a day. But in the afternoon, one of my colleague call me and ask me to do some calculation for one of the stupid company (anyhow, these fuckers [sorry to use this very rude word, but I just can’t stop to calling them like this] are not stupid, they can ask a genius to do work for them. Shit I think I’m the stupid) because we only give them raw data and they want to have processed data. Ok, one day I will teach these fuckers a lesson; they have to know who is their cook.