Saturday, December 16, 2006

Engineer's dilemma

All the while I'm teasing manager in making decision. However, today I facing same problem.

Wireless or fiber optic communication medium?

I'm majoring in computer and communication for my Degree, but communication is my weakest subject. I try to study hard but still the result is bad. Luckily I'm able to graduate :)

After working with wired (copper and fiber optic) communication for five years, I had promise myself to breakthrough this limit. I want to use wireless in my future project.

In end of year 2005, I have a project in hand (this was my most failure project) and I want to experiment with wireless communication. However, because of the cost of these wireless devices, I had abandon my dream.

In end of year 2006, once again, I have a project and I promise myself I will use wireless this time. Due to the cost, I can only choose wireless or fiber optic.

Everyone is choosing fiber optic, because it's "traditional" way of communication. Everyone is thinking that fiber optic is a "safe" choice.

If I choose wireless and at the end if this solution failed, I will in deep shit, but if I success no one will know. I don't mind to take risk, since I already a deadwood in my company :|, another failure to me is just a "norm" again. But because of my personal dream and I let everyone else to take risk with me. Can I do this?

First step is the most difficult step, it may fail but if you don't move your leg, you will alway standing there, forever.

One day I will make my first move. I will not be a hero, no one will notice the move I had make, but by then I'm in front of you :)