Thursday, January 11, 2007

I’m getting busy with my works again. Three running projects in hand. I can’t imaging what will happen in near future.

Yesterday I have my lunch around 4.30PM, my stomach feel very uncomfortable for the rest of the day. I think it’s another symptom of getting old. I know this is just the beginning; more will come in very near future.

You must be wondering how much bonus I get for this year. Well, I still haven’t got it, but rumor said not more than a month. I think I must be stupid.

I really think I am.

Last few months ago, my company outsource our office PC and networking to a company. All the while, I was the guy in charge of the office computer and networking since I joined the company. I really want to thanks my company for giving me opportunity to earn some credit card points meanwhile maintain my interest and knowledge in IT. Somehow, my company is caring about my working loads and they finally outsource the company IT to outsider (I hope my assumption is correct).

At first, the IT subcontractor come quite frequent and they solve most of the company IT problem although sometime the solution is expensive (who care about the extra few Ringgits). Somehow, some of my colleagues still prefer to ask me to solve their computer problem. I want to thanks them for believing in me although they are actually wasting company resources.

Lately, I feel like working for the IT subcontractor. They just keep on postpone to come to my office until I have to solve their problems. Sorry to tell you all that, they don’t pay me, not even a thank you.

Actually I don’t mind to help my colleagues to solve their PC problems in urgent case (for free, since I already done that for almost five years), but since the company already outsource the company IT then I think I shall not do these works. If the subcontractor is not performing, I hope I am not the person to bring up the issue to the management. If I really did, the will be rumors flying around.

Hey, I don’t afraid of rumors, but I just want to have some peaceful days.

We are ISO Company; there must be a measurement and comparison system that can be applied in this case. I hope management can start to do that.

I admit I’m stupid, but I know 1+1=2, just I don’t know how to prove it. Do you?