Friday, January 26, 2007

Busy, busy and busy!

It's a busy year for me. Maybe everyone in my company. Everyone is doing their portion of the works. As usual, the Pareto principle applied here. Some people pretend to be busy, some look very busy, some are screaming cause too busy, some are quietly doing their works, and some try to block everyone from moving forward in order to wait for them. And once again 80% of the job is done by 20% of the worker. Whether you are the 20% stupid genius or the 80% wisely idiot, boss wouldn't know. However, those can talk nicely is a very hardworking staff in boss's eyes, and those take bad words or don't talk at all is the lousy workers.

As usual I always scream to my boss cause I'm overloaded this time. I seldom do writing task cause my English is weak. But this time, I'm floated with documents and documents and documents.

There are two kind of workers in this world, a talker and an implementer.

A talker usually is very good in writing and reporting, e.g lawyer and manager. They usually have ability to "convert" the shit become gold using their mouth.

On the other hand, an implementer is usually equipped with lots of knowledge and skill. They usually can't talk or write in "proper" manner. They usually know how to clean the shit by using their dirty hand.

I think the God is fair. Everyone was awarded with a skill for your to continue live in this world. If you still able to stay in this world, that mean you are still a winner, or else you wouldn't be here anymore.

For all the winner, cheer!