Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I'm not Donald Trump, therefore this is a nightmare of your life time. However you will be awarded as the most stupid guy in the company.

  1. You must have high IQ > 140.
  2. You must have dumb look.
  3. You must able to work 7x24 a week.
  4. You must no off your hand phone after working hour.
  5. You must do everything, from photocopy to engineering until clean shit.
  6. You must be poor.
  7. You may have defect in speaking ability.
  8. You must not afraid of height.
  9. If you are married, you have to learn to live without your wife.
  10. If you got girl friend, you have to prepare to let her go.
If you are interested to be my apprentice, please write in with your resume and photo. Only short listed candidate will be interview.