Friday, April 19, 2013

The unfair game

All these years I alway believed that all politicians are same, they will tell you lot of sweet stories and at the end they only take care thier own pocket.

But these few days the news change my believes. What the hell wrong with a Singaporean car fetching Malaysian back to thier home town to vote? Why last minute questioning rocket registration? Why? Are you so kiasu, kiasi and kiabo?

This is the most dirtiest election in Bolehland history, and it is you that show us how dirty you are. Even someone that don't have political preference will feel pissed cause you are playing dirtly. The whole world will look down on you, cause you don't deserve to be respected as a politician. Anyone that still have little of humanity will vote you out as you don't play the game fairly and gentlemanly. The spirit behind democracy is fairness. Without fairness, please don't use the word democracy, and don't waste our time and money for the monkey election show.

To all the politicians, put you guts out, win the game with pride and lose it with respect.