Saturday, April 27, 2013

The engineer's principles

Recently I was preparing my very first solar PV system. Since, I, myself is a qualify person, so most of the item I will DIY to reduce my cost. My recently renovation had put my into very tight financial situation.

I had asked my piping sub-cond to do the framework for me since I have knew him for more than 10 years. At first I was thinking to galvanise my c-channel, but after checking the price, I had decided to paint the channel myself. Each length of C-channel is about RM127, but the galvanise cost for each length is RM88, which mean I need to pay about extra 1k for 12 lengths of c-channel. But to paint the channel, I only need around a hundred of good quality paint.

You can said I'm stingy, but I called it thrifty. I willing to pay for extra steel thickness, but I not willing to pay for the galvanisation. 1k is lot of money, it's more than my monthly salary when I get my first job. My principle on spending money, pay for something I need and not something I want. I willing to pay for extract strength cause that is the most important item in the project. I want something that is safe, last longer, and I don't need to worry after I had built it. But for galvanise the channel, if the price is ok, says around RM300, the I will galvanise it. But 1k is way too far from my budget. So I choose to paint it myself.

It's not an easy job to paint the channel under the hot sun, anyway I manage to finish it. Now the frame is up, and I going to do the electrical wiring myself. By 1 more week, my system will be online and hopefully the summer will give me some extra income to cover my investment.

So, if you interested to install solar PV for your house and become one of the FiT holder to sell generated power to TNB with a premium price, please just drop me an email and I will get to you. You can download the following brochure for your reference.