Friday, March 01, 2013


I learn something from my renovation experience, from the screws. You noticed that there are plenty types of screws that available in the market: flat head, pan head, round head, slot drive, philips drive, pozidriv, M6 thread, M8, thread,  1/2" length, 1" length, 1 1/4" length, self-treading, non-tapered, and many many more. Each type of screw has their own usage and purpose, some type of screw can be used at multiple different situation, some are dedicated to certain condition.

Then I start to realized that friend also has many different type: friend that you can go have a cup of drink, friend that you can tell your secret, friend that you can work together, friend that you can do business together, friend that you can share happiness, friend that you can share your burden, and many many type.

Some friends can have fun together but can't work together; some friends can do business but can't share burden; some friends can work as colleague but can't talk. Each "type" of friend has their "functionality", some have multiple "functions" and some only one "function".

Lot of times, we categorized a friend by studying that person's behaviors, way of talking, through deduction, and sometime we just stop that person to become part of our friend list. The worst method that we use to categorize a friend is through failure, but most of the time when something failed, we can do better judgement and conclusion. I am very lousy in this, most of the time I start to realize after I'd failed.

If I suddenly become a stranger to you, it doesn't I hate you. It is just mean, I need to re-categorize you in a different group so that both of us have a better space. I do not know any better way to do this process, my very low EQ only allow me to use this method. So, don't worry, I am a very simple person, you can read all my feeling from my face.