Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy re-working day

Today I started to work, back to office, alone. Everyone is still having their holiday, but I just come back to office since people say today is good day to start working.

Nothing much done, just spring cleaning my table after a year, find sub-cont and have a lunch and chit-chat about the future job, tidy up some admin staff, go shopping for my house item :p

This new year is very different from my previous one cause I still tidy up my house into move in condition, the works like never end, the list are getting longer and longer when I start work on an area. Hopefully, I can settle it very soon.

Didn't go anyway this new year, hope this year I can bring my family for a vacation near by.

My princess is getting naughtier, my wife always complain my daughter act like me, but I'm not so sure about that, the only thing I'm sure is she got very bad temper. Anyway, hope she can grow up healthier and happier this year.

OK, for those start working today, wish you a happy beginning and a fruitful year, and for those still holiday, enjoy your holiday with your family.

By the way, the following movie will just cheer you up.