Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Report on Linux

If you think installing Linux is difficult, you should try PuppyLinux.

Download the ISO image (about 70M) and burn to CD. Boot from the CD and you are ready to run Linux on your PC without affect your existing OS. If you like it, just install it to harddisk, thumbdrive, flash memory (compact flash, SD card, ...).

Getting into X is just a click on button and the OS do all detection and configuration for you.

I spend 1/2 hour to install the OS to harddisk, and my Linux box start to rock.

Q: I want to use bit torrent!
A: Yes, it come with a very small torrent client. Can you see it from my captured picture?

Q: I want to read Chinese!
A: You just need to download the Chinese fonts and reconfigure the fonts script and you can read Chinese. Check my capture.

Q: How about network neighborhood?
A: Just use LinNeighborhood.

Q: USB drive, can read meh?
A: No problem at all. And it can read some hidden drive that Windows can't read :)

Q: File explorer?
A: No problem also, like using Windows Explorer.

Q: What else you don't have?
A: Everything is there. I don't need to install network card driver, sound card driver, graphic card driver, ... the OS have everything you need to run a OS.

It's happy to see an old PC can perform like a Windows desktop. Just try (all you need is a blank CD) and you will like it.