Sunday, November 19, 2006

Genius or idiot?

One of my friend said he want to quit from his current job and job other company. I think most of the people, me also, will disagree his action. Why?

His company giving him 6-8 month (if I not mistaken) bonus every year and also share. Let say his salary is RM3000 per month, and his bonus is 6 months and he receive 20 lot of share and each share is RM9.50. Therefore, every year he receive extra 6 x 3000 + 20 x 100 x 9.5 = RM37000!

Then his job must be very difficult, you will think. No, 9AM - 5PM office work.

As for myself, the maximum bonus I got is 2 month (there is one year, I only got 1/2 month), and if my salary also RM3000 it will be RM6000!

What is my working time? Basically 8.30AM - 6PM, but it doesn't happen to me. Most of the time I work at night, weekend and holiday. And as for my job I have to make myself dirty and sweated.

Hey, I should quit first not you my friend. Why I still here? I must be stupid.

I think the only reason can explain this is that genius don't work for money and money can't buy genius :)

Genius or idiot? I don't know. Maybe you can tell me.