Saturday, November 04, 2006


I had spend 3 days just to make the Linux box up.

1st day: try install using Xubuntu and hang at the partition stage until 2nd day.

2nd day: abort Xubuntu and install Ubuntu Lite. Installation only took 1/2 hour but I had to spend the remaining day to bring me into the Xwindows. If you facing same problem, you may use the following command to start the reconfiguration of you graphic card, mouse and keyboard.

# sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

The password is "none".
To switch between resolution just press Ctrl+Alt++ or Ctrl+Alt+-.

3rd day: Setup network card. The first impression for me about Linux is that this OS is natively networked. Thus, it should recognize any network card attached to it. After some search, I add the 8139too to etc/modules. And I'm on the LAN!

The following commands are very useful with you deal with network

to list all the network/dial up:
# ifconfig -a

to enable the network card:
# ifconfig eth0 up

to restart the network configuration
# /etc/init.d/networking restart

Once the Internet is up, I had update the Firefox to 2.0 and install flash plugin since I will visit YouTube alot.

1. Enable Firefox to show Chinese character.
2. Install multimedia player, especially real player.
3. Bit torrent :p
4. Install gcc.
5. Mounting of USB hard disk drive (that using FAT32 and NTFS).
6. Network neighborhood.
7. Printer.
8. ...

Still lot of works need to be done.

Why Linux? You can install a Windows within an hour. You only need to use mouse and forgot about the command.

There are few reason. First, Linux is free. Second, there are somethings that Windows can't give. Third, I'm a engineer, engineer always make himself into trouble :)

Will continue report the status of the Linux box.