Sunday, November 12, 2006

Friend's wedding

My friend end his bachelor last Friday. Lot of "jealous" people, e.g me XD, will say this stupid guy end his beautiful life stupidly. He give up the whole jungle because of one tree. I will "never" do that!

SK: This guy stupid-lah, end his life so early!
Wisely: Ya loh, he is damn idiot. Play enough first mah. Because of 1 tree, he let go the whole beautiful jungle.
SK: I will never do that.
Wisely: Me too!
Disntein: Hey, you guy, he got 1 tree belong to him. You two got the jungle, but any tree belong to you? You are lost inside the jungle.

Ha ha, happy wedding MR. Voon.

I wish I can do some "stupid" thing one day :)