Friday, October 29, 2010


Today is another sad day for me T.T

The only flower engineer in our office is leaving us, sad die me liao T.T
The working environment will back to those old days, left all the guys. No more motivative already.

I remember when I first met her is about 5 years ago, I was terminating the controller cables, she just follow me walking around the site. I believe that day I terminated extra cables :p. Then she use my PC, lucky she didn't found out my secret folder :p

Time flew and now she is resigned, I definitely going to miss her this time.
:_( need to clean the shit that she left :p

Although I selfishly hope she can continue stay here but I really wish her all the best and wish she can have a brighter future and earn more money so that she can cook abalone maggie mee for us one day :p.

Keep in touch.