Friday, October 22, 2010

Thanks God it's Thursday finally

Ya, it's Thursday finally and I'm sitting in the business lounge, enjoying the fresh orange juice and waiting for my flight to go back to Bolehland.

Time is relatively slow in the desert as compare to Bolehland. When someone told you that give them five minutes, they actually mean few weeks, and if they say today, you don't expect to see anything until next week or even longer. That is desert people. Basically their time move much slower than us. So, for all the project in the desert, delay for 1-2 years is normal.

Ok, back from those morons.

Finally hunter moon is moving into Aries and it's time for me to go back have a nice rest before I come back to this desert for the last war. Everyone is struggling to end this war by end of this year. I believe the chances is low, but impossible is nothing. Just hope the luck is on our side.

If you delay again I make sure you have a free ticket back to Bolehland.