Friday, October 08, 2010

I'm your chef today

Ok, today is Friday, holiday for the desert people. So, as usual, I will cook something.

I'm fan of herbal egg, so today I want to teach you how to cook the herbal egg in a very simple way.

First, count how many eggs you want to cook. Because egg yolk got high cholesterol, so normally lady wouldn't take too much, and they wouldn't let their bf or husband to take much also. I personally limit it to 3 pieces per person. Wash the egg with water first because we need to sop it in the water for sometime. Unless you like that taste, then you can skip this step.

Then boil the eggs for about 10-15 minute. To prevent the egg from cracking, I suggest to put the egg and warm water together first, then only boil the water.

After all the eggs are boiled, take it out and put into cool water. There are two purposes for this action. First is to make the egg not so hot so you can hold it, second is to make it crack. Once you can hold the egg, crack the egg shell.

Meanwhile, we need to prepare the herbal soup.

The ingredients are very simple. 200-250ml of soya sauce, 200-250g of white sugar, a litter bit (1 tea spoon) of dark soya sauce, a litter bit of salt and finally a packet of herbal egg packet. You can easily get the herbal egg packet from the Chinese medical shop. To boil these ingredients, you can either using cooking stove or using rice cooker.

Once the herbal soup is boiled, you can put in the eggs and let it boil. Use mild fire and monitor the soup level, make sure at any time, the soup is covering the eggs.

Then let it cook for 2 hours.

Ya, 2 hours.

So what you can do in this 2 hours?

Well, you can start to write a blog about how to cook herbal egg, just like what I'm doing now. Or you can watch a movie or porns*, read magazine, talk crap to other, anything you want to do but too busy to do on the normal day. Just remember don't sleep, I don't to be sued by anyone because they fall asleep and the kitchen cause fire and that person die together with the egg. So, please remember don't sleep if you are using gas stove.

Ok, 1 hour passed and I'm still waiting for the eggs.

For all the guys out there (girls, please give us some private space, thank you), introduce a new hot chick to you all, please put your hands together and welcome Cica

She is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, back to our eggs.

Finally, here the egg after 2 hours of boiling.

You definitely can't compare the taste with those herbal egg sold at the shop. Those eggs have been cook for more than 2 hours, maybe few days. Tasty food normally is not a healthy food. So, home made herbal egg is not the best, but it is good. Enjoy.


Q: Can I use other egg because my house don't have chicken egg.
A: Yes, you can use any egg you want, duck egg, goose egg, ostrich egg, or your own eggs, but please don't use turtle egg, I still want to see turtle when I go diving.

Q: I do not have measuring cup, how do get 200ml of soya sauce?
A: There got few ways, first you can go buy a measuring cup, 2nd you can base on your feel, 3rd look at the volume stated on soya sauce bottle's label, use a ruler and divide it into few equal lengths. The volume of each length is equal to (full bottle volume) / (number of divisions + 1).

Q: How about sugar, I don't have weighing machine.
A: A 200g sugar is about 1 cup of sugar.

Q: Then how big is 1 cup**.
A: It's depend on what size your are wearing.


Ok, ok, no more stupid question.

* Please share. Sharing is caring.
1 tablespoon (tbsp) = 3 teaspoons (tsp)
1/16 cup = 1 tablespoon
1/8 cup = 2 tablespoons
1/6 cup = 2 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons
1/4 cup = 4 tablespoons
1/3 cup = 5 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon
3/8 cup = 6 tablespoons
1/2 cup = 8 tablespoons
2/3 cup = 10 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons
3/4 cup = 12 tablespoons

1 cup = 48 teaspoons
1 cup = 16 tablespoons
8 fluid ounces (fl oz) = 1 cup
1 pint (pt) = 2 cups
1 quart (qt) = 2 pints
4 cups = 1 quart