Friday, October 01, 2010

It's October

Today is 1st day of October; it means I still have 3 months before the new year is arrived.

Still got few more weeks to go before I can go back to Bolehland. I can start to feel the temperature in the desert is dropping. According to the history, the temperature will drop after the dusty windblown. The not so hot temperature reminded me that the autumn has arrived. Now, working at site is much comfortable as compare to last few months.

However, I still hate this project. I believe most of my colleagues also feel the same. The project has been started since mid of 2008 and seriously working with desert people is like working with stubborn moron and con-man.

They never honour their words, and if you think they will be gentleman, please don't trust them. They never. They will never dare to take any responsibility. They are 101% coward. You can't imaging they can refuse their signature. Those morons are also ego. They always think they are the best and they will always try to modify here and there to show that they are greater than you, whenever you give suggestion to them. Sometime, we laugh at their stupidity but most of the time we laugh at our uselessness to follow their moron idea.

Most of the so call engineer can't even know how to count 1, 2, 3. They like to comment on the colour, the shape and choose those expensive items, no care whether it is needed or not. They don't know how to read drawing, specification, manual or any engineering document. So when the finishing is not their imagined, they will find excuse to let you redo. When you ask them to a written instruction, you can just dream. They never dare to put their signature.

Most of us being f by these morons. We feel heart pain and helpless when all the brainstormed ideas and hard works have been condemned as worst than shit. Sometime I wonder why we waste so much effort and time for those useless morons. Maybe we still an engineer.

Really hope for the remaining months, everything can run smoothly. We all want to escape from this nightmare.

For all the warriors, just bear for another few weeks and end this. Then we go Tokyo to visit the girl's high school #^^#