Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Our government had decided to reduce the highway speed to 80km/hr to avoid road accident. Because they believe speed is the main cause of accident. We cannot denied this fact. However, we all know the driving attitude is the main factor.

Do you ever saw a motocycler driving and sms? A car driver turning to left but look at the pretty girl at right hand side? Driving in zigzag?

Let us see whether the reduction of speed can help to reduce the accident or not.

At the same time, our biggest internet service provider also support the government policy and they reduce the download speed to about 180kbps instead giving download speed of 1Mbps as per contract.

They believe, by reducing the speed, the user will not download porn, visit illegal website, spending too much time on online game. By then, the criminal can be reduce.

I support that, but please refund all the money to user and we continue to use back our dial-up modem since it's almost same speed.