Monday, June 06, 2011

Hello Chinaman, you know what are you doing or not?

What's hot in the market today? I believe nothing hotter than Taiwan's food scandal and it make me reopen my chemical book.

So, what do you know about DEHP? Well, it's an organic compound, it's colourless viscous liquid which soluble in oil but not in water. It's widely used as plasticizer in manufacturing of articles made of PVC. In a layman term, it's plastic. Because of it's plasticizing properties and our genius Chinaman come out with a genius idea, "Why don't we use it to replace palm oil as clouding agent for our product?". In their mind, every single cent they saved, is a cent gain in their pocket, other than that is none of their business.

So, what will happen after you consumed these products? The most significant is the effect on male, it will feminizing a male. Now, I begin to understand why more and more gay, especially at Taiwan.

Do you still remember the melamine case? It's another type of cheap plastic that mixed with milk powder or dairy products in order to earn more profit.

I really need to thanks God for giving all Chinese great intelligent and evil mind. We can create anything, and we are as good as God. You heard about the man made egg? I can't understand how us Chinese can create egg from chemical compound. The creator shall be awarded with Noble prize. And I believe in very near future we can create chicken, beef, fish, and whatever food you can name it. It will be tasted as good as real food. You will never able to differential it until you use very precise lab instrument to decompose it into smaller element, then you will found plastic element in all these foods.

I don't know how many products in the market are really safe to consume, and I don't want to know also. You will dare not take any foods once you'd heard all the stories about food. You can start to do farming if you want to live longer, or you can move into jungle and share the house with monkey.

Anyway, don't worry, because we, Chinese, will destroy this world very soon. So you will only suffer for maybe another ten years and you will die with all kind of cancels.

So, to all the Chinaman, please continue your good work to produce more and more plastic foods, make yourself a billionaire and die together with all these dirty money.