Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just an update

Well, it have been few weeks since I update this blog. Life become busy and busy after the only two horses run to a greener farm. Wish them good luck.

So, what am I busy with? Lots. From my work, to my family, and my hobby, I just wish I could have more time. Sometime, an afternoon nap is a luxury for me.

Last few days, I went to a training at Melaka with all the managers in my office. Quite an interesting training, just the food is too much. I got breakfast, then morning tea break, then lunch, then afternoon tea break, dinner and supper. So, now I have to reduce my meal since the food quota is finished.

Some very interesting knowledge that I learned from the training, first thing is about my preferred way of thinking or working and second is the preferred way I handle conflict. Basically I know who I am, but these test results really give me a chance to know the people around me more.

So, I am an introvert, a sensing person, prefer thinking in making decision and use perceiving to interact with outer world. In short, an introverted thinking with extraverted sensing. Some very interesting characteristic of these people is that,

... they are egalitarian and generally tolerant of a wide range of behavior - until their ruling logical principles are attacked. at that point, they can surprise others by expressing their firm and clear judgments.

It just sound like me. And this type of human often function as troubleshooters XD. Now I finally know why I'm so good at troubleshooting and cleaning shit.

Then I learned that I'm accommodate type when handling conflict. Meaning that you don't need to fight with me cause I going to give you what you want and leave me alone XD. It's true for most of the time especially talking about money, credit, and benefit. You just need to tell me you want that and I will give to you for free. So I'm a loser? You can always confirm that until you touch on my believes and step on my tail, then I can show you who is the loser this time XD.

Basically it is quite interesting to know how people look at you and discover something you don't know about yourself, like my conception about time, My boss and colleagues alway said I'm a 50% man, cause in their perception I always do half for my tasks although I finished it. But now I know that I'm a perceiving type, it mean I prefer flexible and adaptable life. Do I complete my job? Yes, but in the last minute cause perceiving type have a burst of energy in the last minute XD. So, I hope they can understand why I only do "50%".

I like psychology since I was young, I like to watch people, look at what they are doing, how they handling their work, how they talk, and analyzing of why they doing that way, thinking and talking that way. Apart from being interesting to watch people, it's actually let me study how these people behave and how dangerous they are to my life. Earth is a dangerous place, so for all the outsiders, please go back to your planet for safe XD.