Monday, May 16, 2011

Microsoft owned Skype

An USD8.5b deal and Micro$oft owned Skype. I was Skype user since few years ago and I used to use its VoIP when I was oversea to call to my family's mobile phone with about USD0.06 per minute, it's definitely very cheap solution if you found free wifi service.

So how Micro$oft will use this product? According to Micro$oft CEO, Ballmer, he said
"We're committed to optimizing Skype for the TV, with Xbox and Kinect, for the Windows Phone, and the Windows PC," he said. "We [also] want to extend the reach of Skype by connecting Skype users with users of our Outlook products, our Lync enterprise unified communications product, Xbox LIVE, and other opportunities like Messenger and Hotmail."
But everyone know that Micro$oft have a very famous product call Messenger and it is using different technology (client/server vs peer-to-peer), then why Micro$oft bought over Skype. Google walked alway years ago because owning Skype means either they have to rewrite Skype from zero, or rebuild Google current network architecture. I believe Micro$oft is facing the same problem now. Then why Micro$oft still purchase Skype?

I'm not graduate from business school, but from an engineer point of view, if there are two company that selling similar product/service, they are competing each other; but if one company selling similar product/service with two different name, they are helping each other to penetrate deeper into the market. At least now, Google have to fight harder to gain the market share.

Basically, as an end user, we always hope to continue to enjoy the free and better service provided by whoever. I always believe that Micro$oft is very good at long term war. With introduction of Win7 mobile OS, they really need something to regain the market from Android. Symbian is dead since Nokia itself has gave up on their own OS and jump into Win7 phone. Blackberry has nothing to scare about since their target is more for business and old man XD. iPhone is a very well designed phone, but they cant dominant the market also since only one factory in this world is producing the phone. So, left Android which can threaten Micro$oft to gain it market share in smart phone.

So, lets see what magic can our software giant show to knock down the internet giant.