Monday, June 27, 2011

Coming home

Finally, I going home tonight, together with my natural enemy, Mr. Toh. This trip will be his last trip to the desert since he going to leave us to the greener land soon. But please don't quote my word as I hardly can predict what his next move. My project manager also took the earlier flight to go back to Bolehland this afternoon, and this is also his last trip to this piece of desert.

So if you ask me when is my last trip, I can only tell you that I don't know since I always the last person who leave the battlefield. Anyway, I hope I can stand it until the completion of the project which I believe is still quite sometime to go. Again, don't quote me, cause I may leave sooner than you can expect. So, lets time record the history.

Staying here for two weeks this time and can't really do anything since there is no skill manpower to do my job. Anyway, I'm waiting until all the equipment have been installed, then I will come to complete the system, hope I'm still with the company that time.

So, everyone seem to be leaving this company which previously has nearly zero resignation over ten years. So what happen? Please don't ask me, I don't know. Anyway, it is none of my business also.

July will be a travel month for me. Next week, I will go to Penang to attend the manager training again. Thanks to company for spending the money to make sure we become a good manager.

Then mid of July we will have sport club trip to Medan. After so many years that we didn't have any sport club trip, finally we got one this year. Again thanks to the management for giving us this trip.

By end of the month, I will going to Krabi and Phuket with some of my colleague. I hope the company don't ask me to cancel my leaves or else I can't finish it by end of the years.

Ok, sign off now.