Saturday, July 09, 2011

Bersih 2.0

First of all, I would like to tell you that I'm not posting about politics here. So please don't use ISA or anything to catch me.

Second, I don't care who the hell are governing my country, but I do care how they governing it.

So, about Bersih 2.0, I really don't have much details on this, but you can read the wiki. Therefore, I can only tell you what I feel about Bersih 2.0 from my point of view.

Bolehland is a democracy country, so we do have some rights, although not really much, to express our view. If you ask me do I support Bersih? My answer is yes, and I hope they can do it in peaceful way. We want to tell our government that we are not happy with what they did previously and we want to tell them we want change.

The rally shall not be a politic tool for any politicians to promote them self or to condemn other parties. It should be a gathering of our people to tell the government of what we want and why we want that.

I just came back from Penang yesterday night and I'm lucky that I have avoided all the jams happen last few days. From all the messages I received, I can tell our government that the way they handling this issue is just making us more pissed and angry. I saw lot of trucks sending polices to KL to setup road block, even in Penang, they setting up the road block. What the hell these idiots are doing? They wasted all our resources including man power and money just to stop something which is allowed in democracy country. Why don't they put more effort to make it right at the first place so that we don't get pissed and come and tell you how lousy you are.

Today, there is no much different to declare state of emergency since we can't really go out, everywhere is road block and you will suffer in the jam for hours and hours. And guest what, we should inform Guinness book of records to record this event as the longest jam in the world, or the largest car park in the world.

Do worry about me if you think I will go rally, anyway I don't have yellow shirt and I'm kiasi people. But I will write here and tell the world that I'm pissed and disappointed with the morons and I will make sure I will vote the other party even they put a monkey since that make no different. But what really different is that we want tell the government that we are pissed, we are angry, we are disappointed, we are tired and we want change. We can't guarantee that the new comer will do better, but that's the only way to tell everyone that we can put you up there and we can bring you down if you don't do it well.

So, last word, if you plan to go to join the party, make sure you do it peacefully and come back in one piece. Deliver the message but not damage our lovely country.

Good luck.