Friday, July 30, 2010

Paris-London Trip - Final

After the day 9th, there is not much place that we visit, because most of the time we are travelling.

On the day 10th morning, we went to shopping at the Regent Street because my wife need to help her brother in law to buy Burberry for her sister. Then we went to purchase the fish-and-chip at the restaurant recommended by the local tour guide. Once again, for someone like me that can't differential the fresh fish and frozen fish, I can only say that fish is nice. We took the Eurostar from London at St. Pancras station to go back to Paris.

We reached Paris around 6pm, after having some fast food and bought some water and a box of strawberry, we went to the hotel near the airport. My wife is still worry because of the volcano ashes, all the flights have been cancelled for few days. As usual, I just told her that, she should be happy cause we can have an extended honeymoon.

When we reach the train station at hotel area, it is around 7pm++. There is not much bus going to the hotel and we waited until around 8.30pm, we manage to get our bus to the hotel. Thanks to the bus driver for giving us a free trip.

On the next day, day 11th, we went back to Paris area to do the shopping at the Galleries Lafayette, the luxury shopping mall that sell all the luxury brands. My wife promise to buy a LV purse for her colleague, and when we reached the LV store, suddenly I just want to stop purchase those items. Why?

It is not because of the price, if you follow those brands, you will find that the price at Paris is almost same but there is one advantage, which is you will get 12% discount back from the sales tax VAT (Value Added Tax), and the end, it is actually much cheaper than Bolehland.

Suddenly I just felt that I'm like being cheated by the brand, because 99% of the customer in the shop is Asian especially Chinese. People will told you that Parisian do not know how to speech English, but in this shop, they can speech Mandarin with you.

Well, feeling being cheated and the kiansu spirit always contra each other. At the end, my wife bought the purse for her colleague and me bought a purse for her. She actually doesn't want me to waste the money, but still I prefer she to have one.

When my wife still worry whether our flight still cancel or not, and as I said, I'm the luckiest man in the world, the flight from Paris finally re-open tomorrow. We finally took the flight according to our schedule and back to Bolehland. When we purchase the ticket, we actually only plan to take 10 days and luckily the agent told me that the return ticket for that date is expensive and she propose us to take the flight two days after that, and that make us the luckiest passengers.

Ok, that's all for the trip. 

My wife, she is so sweet.