Friday, July 23, 2010


Before I start to write anything, I would like to say, “thanks god, it’s Friday”.

I have been stays at this desert for almost 3 weeks. I miss everything at the Bolehland; the rain, the foods, the weather, and my wife. But work is still work, no matter you like it or not, when you took the salary you have to complete your due diligence.

I’m used to be a workaholic. When I first join my current company, I was so busy until I admitted to the hospital because of appendix (I’m not sure whether these two are related or not, anyway, I always make it an excuse when I want to say I’m busy :p). However, I still dare not say I’m hard-working.

Ok, let us look at the definition from Oxford about hard-working. Oxford dictionary said that hard-working is tending to work with energy and commitment. Lots of people fulfill the first condition, working with energy, but very less people do work with commitment.

If you work in the construction site, you will see lots of general worker. Are they hard-working? I believe no, they just work hard to earn their food. I never look down on these people because sometime I feel like I’m part of them.

Last few years, when my company doing few projects at Bolehland, I used to work until very late, 2-3am, sometime over night, and I never off my mobile phone. Last year Chinese New Year eve, I went to one of my project side to help the operator to activate back the PLC after the power failure. So, I believe I’m a failure.
Talking about successful, how you define success?

Running to the work site after the CNY eve dinner definitely is not success. Working late also not success. Cancel my trip to stay back to finish the project is also not success.

I know few people which I considered success. Write very nice email, using those funny funny words like escalator, lift, etc in his email to express how hard-working he is, although he never misses the 6PM bell. Take emergency leave to go to South Africa to watch world cup, although there is a submission to close in the next day. Repeating saying “I don’t know” in his work and never learn.

You might think I try to promote myself using this blog, or try to condemn someone to promote myself. Seriously speaking, I will get nothing from this post, and I may end up with a warning letter if someone wants to be funny with me.

Then what for I wrote this?

I wrote what I saw and heard, which I believe is truth and nothing but the truth. I want to tell how stupid I’m, how unfair is this world, and how unbalance I’m. But somehow, I have completed my due diligence, my obligation as a worker; I own nothing to this society. Although there is no fairness in this world, which I believe is truth, but we can create our own fairness. Only those losers will complain the unfair and do nothing about it.

The next thing I want to learn in my life is to be fair to my family. Once I done that, I can only use the word hard-working, because I can fulfill the second condition of commitment, to the company, to myself and to my family.