Friday, July 30, 2010

Paris-London Trip - Day 9

We’ve booked a local tour for the Day 9th.

On the early morning, we went to the Victoria station to wait for our tour bus. Although I preferred to do free-and-easy tour instead of taking local tour, but due to the time limit, I took a local day tour to outside of London.
The first stop of the day tour is at the Bath.

   Bath is a very nice place, I really love that place. Because our tour is come with the entrance ticket to the Roman Bath, so we spent most of the time in the museum and too bad we didn’t have much time walking around the town. So, my advice is that, it is much better walking on the town area than go to see those historical items, unless you are history maniac.

One of the remarkable buildings at Bath is the Royal Crescent. From the name, you will know, that is for rich people. I wish I can stay there.

After leaving the beautiful Bath, we went to the second tourist spot, the Salisbury Cathedral. The Salisbury Cathedral is a very huge and elegant cathedral, and what make this cathedral so famous is because of a document, the Magna Carta. It is the first written document that limit the King’s power and get his hand off the money.

The solar clock

Nothing much on the building itself, except there is a world’s oldest working clock and the Baptismal Font.

The Baptismal Font

After leaving the Salisbury, we went to the last destination, the Stonehedge. It is a prehistoric monument and until today no one knows what is it exactly used for, and how it was built. Some said, it is used for buried, some said it is a calendar and some said it is the astronomy observatory.


We reached back to the London around 7pm, after working around the town, we went back again to the hotel.