Monday, July 19, 2010

Abu Dhabi

Now waiting at the Abu Dhabi airport for the flight going to Bahrain. Not much excited about.

Have been stay at Abu Dhabi for a week and everyday having fast food for my meal :s Now I start to vomit once I heard the word fast food.

Went to Dubai again last Friday with my colleagues. Nothing much at Dubai also but this time we tried to use their new transport, the metro. Expensive is the only word I can think of as compare to Bolehland. Service is so so like Bolehland.

We also went to pub at the most happening street, the Jumeira Road. When we at the front door of the pub area, we felt like at the heaven. Our eyes never tired with the girls pass by us. However, happiness is always very short cause we are not allow to go in to the pub due to no reservation :(

So when went to have a drink at stupid bar listen to arab song and see some stupid peoples throw the plate onto the floor.

Before we go back to Abu Dhabi, we went to have our dinner at a very famous restaurant. Heard the rumour said that this is the restaurant where Satan Hussein having dinner with France president.

Basically is a grill fish. I'm not fish lover and I can't differentiate between a frozen fish and swimming fish. Anyway the fish is quite nice.

5kg fish, please don't ask me the name of the fish

Will need to come to Abu Dhabi again in another 2 months time, but now I need to go back to Bahrain to start my control works. Will be busy soon.