Friday, July 30, 2010

Paris-London Trip - Day 8

Ok, I know I've stopped my posing about this for some time. So, today I just want to finish it.

We wake up early in the morning and went to walk around London streets on day 8th.

 The first stop is at the Bank of England.

One of the main economies of England is her financial services, and London is one of the world’s largest financial centers and she is the world’s greatest exchange market with $1.36 trillion USD in 2007. If you wonder how much is $1.36 trillion is. You can write it as $1,360,000,000,000. If you change all the money into gold, with the gold price of $37.5 USD/g, you will get about 36,200 tonnes of gold, which about 1880m3 of gold. If you still can’t imagine how much that is, let say, you put a 1 meter by 1 meter gold bar on the ground, and you will see an 1880 meter height gold bar. So, how high is 1880m? it is about 4 times higher than our Bolehland twin tower.

Ok, I’m enough with that :p

The next stop is the St. Paul Cathedral. According to the dictionary, cathedral is church which contains the bishop’s throne. I’m not Christian, so, I’m not sure what is the different between a church with bishop and a church without bishop. Anyway, it’s the place where Prince Charles and Lady Diana get married.

 We went to the Tower of London area, but we didn’t go in, due to time and also the entrance fees. Tower of London is just beside the River Thames. And next to the Tower of London is one of the most famous bridges, the Tower Bridge, which always mistakenly known as the London Bridge. We waiting there for a while, hope to see the bridge open. However, luck is not on our side that day. Because there is not schedule on the opening of the bridge, so, it’s really much depending on your luck. According to the statistic, the bridge will open once per day and rising time is around 3-5 minutes. So, you can spend one whole day sitting beside the river and wait for the luck to come, if you have plenty of time.

2 pieces of Tower Bridge photo

After the Tower Bridge, we went to some place that I really want to go. The Greenwich. Sound familiar? Do you remember the Greenwich Mean Time, GMT? I’ve studied that when I’m in secondary school. The 0° longitude is crossing the Royal Observatory, which defined the time.

The Royal Observatory 

Greenwich Park is a very huge and beautiful park. If you really have time, you must sit on the green grass and enjoy the scenery.

On the way back, we walk on the River Thames and there are lots of bridges along the River Thames.
We finally visit the last place for today, the British Museum. We arrived slightly late, most of the exhibition halls are closed and we only manage to visit the main hall before we back to hotel.
This is the London Bridge