Sunday, March 16, 2008

Team building

Just finished 2 days team building at Genting Highland. I heard the course is very expensive. Not sure why my director want to spend these money for it. For sure he got his own reason, only time will tell us the truth.

Back to the team building course. I have to admit that the speaker is a great speaker (that why the fee is so expensive). As usual these kind of course will be very similar to those self-help books that I read. Anyway, just want to share some points will you all.

1. Work for fun, not for money.

If you read all my blogs, you will know that I or most of us are applying this now. If I had chosen to work for money, I think I had left this company for long time ago, and I will never stop changing my job. However, I think the speaker hide some terms and conditions from us. The above statement will only be valid if and only if;

i. You are not over underpaid.
ii. Someone (especially the management lever) appreciate you contributions to the company.

Based on the two conditions that I mentioned above, we can conclude that money is not the only factor in keeping a worker, indeed it's one of the main factors. It also told us that money is one of the most effective way to show gratitude and appreciation to the worker.

2. Work as a team

In the other word, it mean teamwork. So far I had to admit that not everyone is in the team or even some are in the team, they are more like a parasite to us. Anyway, I glad that I able to name most my colleagues and their role in the team.

... think more we and less I in daily work.

The main obstacle in building a team is that most of the people only want credit but not shit. Some people are very good at taking credit and some are very good at making shit, and some is very good at cleaning the shit. Who are going to be awarded is depend on how cleaver is the boss.

3. Love your colleague.

Ok, need to thank for my colleagues for giving me "I like you" card. Sometime, we like someone even though they look like a gangster. Basically, we like someone not because they are handsome, pretty, rich, high post, etc, but because we can accept the attitude of that person and you feel safe when working with them.

Well it's enjoy to have this course and have fun with the colleagues after the company trip although I'm sick these few days maybe due to consume too much of alcohol :)