Monday, March 03, 2008

It's 7AM, why am I here?

It's 7AM and I'm at LCCT waiting my flight to Jakarta. The flight is 9.50AM. So I'm 3 hours earlier than my flight O_o. Don't think I'm Kiasu, although maybe I Kiasi :)

So Limo new policy,

We only serve those customers that agreed to take the Limo 3 1/2 hours earlier than his/her flight.

Ok, so policy is policy although I know I will be waiting here for 3 hours for nothing. Because of same Limo driver mistake, we need to suffer this policy.

I start to wonder the coming trip, the flight is 8AM, so are we need to take the Limo around 4.30AM. What a waste of time.

I'm using Air Asia to go Jakarta for WORKING, because MAS is very expensive. I think I had contributes 50% of the company annual profit this year.