Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Today, I got an idea on how to wake up early.

Say, you normally wake up at 8AM and you are alway late to work. So you plan to wake up early a bit but you just can't used to it.

Here how you do it.

You can adjust the alarm in the way that each day the alarm is bring early a minute. So the first day, the alarm on on 7.59AM, and the second day 7.58AM, and so on. You would feel the different of 1 minute. Therefore, after a month, you are able to wake up on 7.30AM. You may continue this practice until you able to reach office before your boss :)

But some habits will kill you.

The experiment showed that, if you throw a frog into the boiled water, the frog able to respond it and jump out from the boiled water. But if you put the frog inside the water and slowly boil it. The frog is dead meat at the end.

Just like human, if you start to accept your daily life, your work, your income, your position, etc, you are become slave to your company and you lost your ability to fight for your own right and benefit.

So before it become your habit, think about the frog first. Enjoy your working life.