Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bangkok trip

Just came back from Bangkok trip. It's a fun trip and tire also. I still feel sleepy today, luckily I'm on leave.

Bangkok is a very nice city, lot of shopping places, thing are cheap, exciting night life, culture & 18x shows. I'm quite surprise that Bangkok is much more modern than I thought. Maybe one day she will be ahead of bolehland if we still dreaming that we are at the top of the world.

About the agua (lady boy), some are just so pretty until you don't believe she a man. So never try to drunk at Thailand, you don't know who will sleep beside you until you hear her voice.

The next special show is the Thai Girl show. Well, I don't know how to say it. Just feel pity to them that need to use their most native skill to earn money. I think I should stop supporting those 18x movies :)

Spend quite a lot of monies for this trip. Anyway, it's worth.

I shall start to plan my next trip from now. Hope to show you all another round of nice photo soon.