Sunday, December 19, 2010

Update from the Bolehland

I'm in Bolehland since last week fly back from the desert. As usual, no other place on earth is better than my own sweet home.

It has been a busy day since I touchdown; went meeting with monkey, prepare drawings for the new projects, playing with my photography, repair car,... time just not enough here.

Most of the soldiers have back to Bolehland.

My wild horse will manage a new project. I hope he can show us a correct and successful way to handle a project. It's a tight budget project but I believe a surviver can live under nothing.

My super planner is a bit miserable nowadays. Now he doesn't know what is his stand in this company cause he still didn't get any appointment letter from this big company. Hope this wouldn't be too long.

Fanshue said he don't want to go back to desert again. I hope he think twice. Live is not easy especially when you need to deal with monkeys.

Chin also a bit miserable. He wish to stay at Bolehland with his three sweet girls, but on the other hand he also hope to earn some pocket money to buy milk powder for his girl. Fish and bear palm, you have to choose one. Hope he can find a balance point.

Desert project has reached a stage that we are able to con the owner to accept the building with all the efforts from our soldier. We have built a air-cond museum for the desert people and they are happy with that museum.

I will back to the desert soon to finish the balance works even though no functional feature needed here. This is the worst project I ever met.