Friday, December 31, 2010

Ok, it's time to conclude

Guess what, I'm still working at Al Areen site. I just hate this project, met too much donkeys, monkeys, gorillas, morons in this stupid piece of land.

Again, I'm alone. I think since 1996 I always alone in the office writing about my new year eve, just hope I can break the curse next year. So, to my lovely wife, now I book 2011 new year eve to celebrate with you together, how about Tokyo? Wish to bring you there.

Ok, some flash back about 2010.

January, I'm busying preparing my wedding dinner. Busy, busy and busy that time.

February is my big day. I finally bring back my lovely wife to my home after so many years that the house waiting for the lady to come to stay in it.

March is simple, just busying with the stupid project.Oh ya, I forgot that I managed to finish my very first 1/2 marathon within the time limit, although it is very close to end of it, proven I'm quite normal.

April is my honeymoon month, finally after so many years I went to Paris and London with my lovely lady. Strongly recommend Paris for those couples that want some exciting and wonderful memories.

After April is a nightmare for me, I have been travelled very frequent to the desert. I wish I could have more time for my family. Just want to take this chance to apology to my wife that I'm not a good husband, lot of mistakes that I'd made this year, I understand time never go back and I hope you forgive me for those stupid mistakes that I had made and let you down. I promise myself to be a better husband and will never let you disappoint again.

August is another memorable month, I finally conquer another fears of mine, water. You can't imaging how difficult for someone that hydrophobia to jump into deep sea with all those heavy equipments. I'm still afraid of water but I will fully conquer it one day in very near future.

Ok, that's all for the new year eve.

Happy new year to you all, wish the coming year, a better year.

Life never being easy, neither I being weaker. Only loser will surrender, definitely not the one who writing this blog.

Taken by Sam